Set. Go.
Where the fun-loving freedom to hit the road, trail or course at a moment’s notice meets the duty-bound performance to carry your heaviest loads. Where head-turning style connects with forward-thinking efficiency. Where who you are aligns with what you do. So, go. Experience. Explore. Enjoy. From the comfort of the familiar to the excitement of new discoveries, savor the ride all along the way. It’s your life.
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Off Road
Bad Boy® pioneered the category of electrically powered 4x4 vehicles, ideal for hunting and outdoor recreation due to their silent operation and emissions-free drivetrains. Then we brought the versatile Ambush® iS, with hybrid technology for the ability to switch between independent gas and electric powertrains.
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Horsepower Meets
Cushman® commercial and utility vehicles are known around the world for versatility, durability and dependability. We offer a complete range of heavy-duty industrial material-handling vehicles, comfortable personnel transport and food & beverage vehicles. The Cushman Titan®, Stock Chaser, Minute Miser®, Hauler®, and Hauler 4x4, are all part of the broadest line of utility vehicles on the market.
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We offer an assortment of other products including sunglasses, ice chests, cups, and more! Check out our gallery to see our full selection of products!

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